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What is Bio Wash ?


Gary & Daughter Tanya Reid grew up in the Farm Country of Western New York. Gary worked on a dairy farm and fruit farms for some years. I threw enough bales of hay to prove it. We have seen firsthand what freeze & drought can do to a farmer and his lively hood. When introduced to BioWash we have seen results & proven testimony in the U.S.A. and around the World. A Solution (BioWash) that will Increase crop production, plant health and sustainability for the farmers and their families. Safe for Humans, Animals and our Environment. 100% Biodegradable, Non-Toxic & Carcinogen free. A perfect solution to our sustainably problem facing Farmers in the 21st century.


BioWash represents the creme del a creme of farm fertilizer boosters. Field tests reflect that applications of BioWash dramatically increases plant productivity and yield, reduces insect damage because of increased BRIX (sugar content) in the plant (some insects can’t digest plant sugar); offers added freeze protection (down to 27 degrees) and help increase profits. As well as clean equipment in the process, farmers can use less chemical fertilizers, at less cost to them and the environment with less maitnence to equipment. Please take some time and see what this product can do for you and your production.

BioWash works at the cellular level of roots, increasing their ability to more efficiently absorb moisture and nutrients from the surrounding soil. Increased absorption of available carbon, humus, compost trace minerals, etc increases the sugar content (BRIX) of the plant. BRIX acts to improve photosynthesis, resulting in healthier growth and more hardy resistance to disease and climate impacts. Mike Wallace of Island Botanicals, Pine Island Florida Note the difference in size of the BioWashed tree and roots on right and that of the non-treated tree on the left.

  • Increased & Early growth, wieght & yield
  • Longer growing season
  • Less need to purchaes feed in winter monthsMore $$$$ In Your Pockets

Makes Plants Drought & Frost Resistant. Creating Higher yields with less expense = HIGHER PROFITS!


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