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    Oats, Alfalfa, Don Young & BioWash Soil Amendment
    by Gary Reid, Naples, Florida

    On 03-04-15, Don Young from Plains, Texas ordered Soil Amendment for his oats. His cattle had eaten it down and he wanted to see if it would come back for grain. He sprayed 6.5oz per acre with 10 gallons of water per acre on 40 acres. He combined it with his liquid fertilizer.

    On 04-20-15 I spoke with Don. He said oats were looking good. He sounded very excited.

    On 06-11-15 Don said the oat heads are huge. They ended up with 90 bushels per acre at 41 pounds per bushel. The processor said he had never seen that brand weigh so much.

    On 04-27-15 Don bought Soil Amendment for his 450 acres of cotton and also for his 180 acres of Alfalfa. He said that his 60 acres of alfalfa was in such poor condition, he was considering plowing it under. I suggested applying 5 oz. per acre. He did with 15 gallons of water per acre.

    On 06-11-15 Don said this was the best Alfalfa he’s ever seen, especially considering that he had considering plowing it under. Three additional sprays were applied at seven day intervals, beginning seven days after the first cutting at the rate of 5oz. per acre and 15 gallons of water. He also applied a Micro-nutrient/Macro-nutrient at the rate of 16 ounces per acre.

    On 08-24-15 Don is now conducting his fourth cutting says it is better than usual.

    Don said he baled an ADDITIONAL 460 BALES OFF ONE 80 ACRE SECTION. HE IS VERY EXCITED. He also said that usually the 3rd cutting drops off quite a bit. Amazingly, he is finding no worms or insects in the Alfalfa.The 4th cutting is all profit: 180 acres x 40 bales per acre @ $8.00 per bale = $57, 600.00 extra profit! OH BABY that is A BEAUTIFUL THING! You can ask him yourself!!!!
    Don is also applying Soil Amendment on Black Eyed Peas with similar great results. Don said that his son had been very skeptical but not anymore. Considering all the problems they were having, they did not expect to be in business another year. Now, everything looks great.

    - Gary Reid per Don Young. 08-24-15

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    Documentation by Gary Reid owner Green Safe Solutions Florida

    James B. Belleville Pa. called me and asked about Green Safe products he was having serious problems with leaf hoppers in his alfalfa fields leaves are turning yellow. Jim purchased plant amendment and foliar spray on Friday June 29, 2019 applied 5 ounces per acre of Green safe Plant amendment and on Monday July 1, 2019 he called me and said NO LEAF HOPPERS HE WAS AMAZED. HIS ONE 6 ACRE FIELD PERODUCED 8.34 MORE BALES PER ACRE after he applied GSPA 7 days after each cutting a total of 4 cuttings. James told me the other day, 03-25-2020 he had fewer vet bills this winter goats love the hay but don’t like eating other hay. His 100 goats are producing butter fat levels [email protected] 4.3% and protein now 3.50%, his milk production has increased noticeably. Statistics are 20% increase in Alfalfa yields, 30% increase in NON-GMO soybean yields & increase field corn ears.

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    Gary Pahl Farms in Apple Valley Mn.

    A 8th generation farmer has been our client for this the 5th year 2020 applying Green Safe and Moonshine products on his sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons, hemp and more with an average INCREASE of 30% across the board a very happy farmer who has purchased over 35 thousand dollars in products. That’s an additional $300,000.00 dollars in his pocket. He is also applying less pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer which saves him another 30% on average. Not to mention no bug problems. No blow over on his corn 2 years.
    So, he would say to you, 'what are you waiting for'?

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    Brian T. from Flandreau, S.D.

    650-year farming in the Hutterian Brethren community with 130 families, has also been applying our products for over 6 years. Brian purchases both soil conditioning and foliar applied solutions and absolutely loves all our products. Healthier fruit trees, vegetables, corn, soybean, alfalfa. Healthier 84 thousand turkeys, chickens, pigs, cattle and ducks.
    Brian says they are getting as much as 30 to 100% increase in the field crops, garden produce and fruit crops. They purchase our cleaner in 250-gallon containers used for everything in cleaning.
    Brain told me one year 300% increase in garlic and the best 84 thousand turkeys they ever raised form clean feed and how our product work with his fertilizers as nutrient enhancer.

    He is absolutely blown away.

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