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Just a note to update you on my results. Amazing! The corn is 9’ high. I can’t pick the beans fast enough and have so many tomatoes. I’m having trouble finding people to give them to. On one cherry tomato plant I picked 40 tomatoes and a few days late another 40 were ripe. Cucumbers area great and also as important, these all have wonderful taste, are organic and have new been sprayed with anything other than Bio Wash

G, Behlin of New York

In 2010 we purchased an orange grove that had about 1900 trees on it. Those 1900 trees had yielded 1801 boxes for fruit the previous year. After purchasing the grove I removed 650 trees, leaving 1250 trees in place. In additional to the normal spraying routine we sprayed once with Bio Wash. Those 1250 trees produced 2484 boxes of navel oranges (two thirds the number of trees produce a third of more fruit). In 2011 we treated the trees twice. Those same 1250 trees produced 3394 boxes of fruit. In other words, two thirds of the threes produced 88% more fruit. Additionally, the fruit was so much large that fewer oranges filled the packing boxed, this providing more profits.

Gary Scott of Florida

For ten years I have tried to grow tomatoes, satsumas, blueberries and peppers with little success. I normally fertilize four or five times. This year a neighbor treated my plants with Bio Wash. Within two weeks my fruit trees responded with tremendous growth. They are yielding fruit for the first time. My tomato plants produced about 65 tomatoes each and my pepper plants are still producing up to 90 peppers. This was my best ever crop. I only applied fertilizer one time.

Henry M of Lousiana

Terry M from Mississippi saying the following: "Farmer, Terry M., from Mississippi applied 3 foliar applications of BioWash Soil Amendment to his corn and harvested an average of 275 bushels per acre. That is an increase of 150 bushels per acre. 150 bushels times $8.67 a bushel equals $1300.50 per acre increased profit. I’d say he’s pretty happy".

Terry Mudline of Mississippi

Dr. Krishnadadi used BoWash to increase rice production from 2-3 tons per hectare (2.5 acres) to 10-12 tons.

Dr. Krishnadadi of Indonesia

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