Orange Grove Soil Amendment



Orange Grove Soil Amendment

Craig K. Jones, PhD, Bio-Molecular Physics

Agri Consultant – Agriculture Expert

Dr. Jones writes: “I applied BioWash Soil Amendment to a variety of plants and was impressed with my results. In all cases, the treated plants outperformed the controls.


I applied Soil Amendment to the roots of 3,000 mal-nourished orange trees in Collier County Florida. The owner reported ample fertilization, but the trees were still in poor health, producing below normal yields. I added one (1) ounce per five (5) gallons of water and soaked the root areas. The cost was less than $1 per tree. Within six weeks, the trees were nearly disease-free and flourishing. The owners are pleased and anticipated an improved harvest.

Dr. Jones’ Explanation

Soil Amendment appears to be exceptionally effective dissolving (chelating) both organic and some inorganic ions in the soil. Because natural plants and synthetic fertilizers are incompatible, it is difficult for plants to absorb minerals such as iron, zinc and synthetic fertilizers. In some cases, plants absorb as little as 30% to 50% of applied fertilizers and minerals. As much as 50% to 70% of applied fertilizers remain unused. After multiple years of pesticide and synthetic fertilization applications, millions of acres of agricultural soils are saturated with synthetic contaminants. In many areas’ hair roots are unable to penetrate the soil and absorb minerals, moisture, inorganic nutrients or oxygen. Applying additional fertilizers does not help. Plants remain malnourished and yields are diminished. Much of the money spent on fertilization is wasted. BioWash Soil Amendment separates (chelates) and breaks down metallic and synthetic molecules into nano sized particles so small that plants can absorb them. Agronomists describe the process as “cation exchange.” Soil Amendment appears to be an exceptionally effective cation exchange stimulant. This even includes traces of metal ions such as residues of copper insecticides. This explains why growers are able to reduce the cost of fertilizers the first season.

Soil Amendment Benefits

  1. Restores soils to productivity.
  2. Improves absorption of nutrients.
  3. Reduces fertilizer cost ≤ BioWash Soil Amendment application cost.
  4. Increases yields.

Soil Amendment improves the absorption of nutrients and chelates the contaminants. It helps loosen clogged soils and restore those soils to productivity. A single application appears to loosen and restore the soil to arability and increased yields. The savings achieved in reduced fertilizer costs can exceed the price of the BioWash Soil Amendment application.

Note: Chelation: The word “chelate” is derived from the Greek word Chel or crab claw referring to the pincer movement in dissecting metallic ions. Chelation is a process of dissolving metal and/or synthetic ions. Chelating agents dissolve relatively insoluble iron and other mineral nutrients, making them more absorbable for plants. The benefit for plants: Increased availability and absorbability of nutrients, thus enhancing cation exchange.


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