Nevada Greenhouse Grower


“Hey Gary, wanted to give you feedback on the BioWash you sent me a couple of weeks ago. I sprayed it on a section of my Sage plants (about 50 established plants) and the results were amazing! We were able to harvest about twice as much as normal in about a weeks’ time. I’m ready to go with another order ASAP.  Thanks! Glad I saw your ad in Grower Talks!”

Bruce N. – Greenhouse Owner

Bruce N’s greenhouse supplies naturally, locally grown cut herbs to Las Vegas restaurants and resort hotels.

Bruce explains:

“Because of the growing process and the fact that herbs are harvested the same day they are delivered, you get a fresher, better tasting product with a longer shelf life.”

“In addition to the cut herbs, we grow potted herbs for living walls or displays within your restaurant or business.”

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