BioWash 25 & 100 in Naples, FL: Residential, Commercial & Industrial BioWash Products

BioWash has a proven history of success on Naples farms and fields. With general use enriching farmer's harvests since 2006, the results speak for themselves. In each case, Naples farm owners noted an increase in root development from the product, plus a decrease in lost crops per year. With the BioWash 25 and 100 crop protection and growth boost offered by Green Safe Solutions, you can expect greater profit margins and see healthier crops on your Naples farm within weeks of the first application.

BioWash is a Crop Protection Product

BioWash is not a fertilizer but rather a crop protection product. It works by stimulating the absorbability, efficiency, and effectiveness, of foliar and soil fertilizers. Additionally, BioWash works as a root development product by tripling or quadrupling root mass, which improves cation exchange — moisture, oxygen, and nutrient absorption by the roots. By using BioWash 25 or 100, farms in Naples can reduce their overhead by lowering the amount of fertilizer they need to use in a growing cycle. See This Video for More Information

How Do I Use BioWash?

BioWash 25 and 100 are foliar sprays, being applied directly to the leaves (foliage), branches, and trunks of your crop. And with its non-toxic formula, the application process is simple and quick. You can expect to see a visible increase in growth on your Naples farm within two weeks of the first application.

What Are the Economic Benefits of BioWash?

To demonstrate the positive economic impacts of BioWash, consider a Naples soybean farm. The average Naples soybean crop produces about 50 bushels per acre, selling for $8 - $12 per bushel. When using BioWash, farmers have experienced anywhere from a 20-75 percent increase in yield. With an average cost of $6 per acre for BioWash 25 or 100, you can conservatively expect a profit increase of $74 per acre.

The Math:

50 bushels x 20 percent = 10 bushels

10 bushels x $8 = $80

$80 - 6$ (for BioWash) = $74 of additional profits

Further Reading

Not convinced? Don't take our word for it; see the countless success stories, professional studies, and pages dedicated to the efficacy of BioWash 25 and 100 and reach out to Green Safe Solutions with any questions.
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