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 Biowash Soil Amendment Tech Report

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Biowash Presentation

TUGS Farmer Meeting 

Biowash products are now organically certified by EcoCert and NOP Certifications!!


Brian from Pleasent Valley Colony, South Dakota

Brian harvested raddished from 3 rows & 165 foot long and claim that 30% of the raddishes were this large as show in the picture. According to Brian they were very sweet and juicy. Brian applied Biowash one time.


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Biowash flyer


Biowash Effects on Kale in Florida

Biowash Test Results Approvals & Certifications

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 Biowash Test Results Approvals & Certifications


Safety Data Sheet Biowash Soil Amendment

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Biowash Soil Amendment SDS


Safety Data Sheet Biowash 100

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 Biowash 100 SDS


Soil Rescue


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Soil Rescue PDF


Crystal Blue - Water Structuring Unit


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Crystal Blue PDF


Paddy Trial in Kalimantan, Indonesia, December 2014

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 Paddy Trial PDF


Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash


Spray applied sweet potatoes with BioWash 100 (3) times for the season and the results were incredible!! The (4) potatoes at the bottom of the picture weighed 16 lbs. total . The remainder of the crop had an Average of 2.2 pounds each. Our farmer Art M. from Michigan told me he's never seen 3 times more production ever in his lifetime of farming. 

Habenero Peppers

5.6 Lbs Mangoes, Naples, FL


In the image: Gary Reid showing 5.6 pound mangoes from his tree after spraying with BioWash.

Black Spot

BLACK SPOT: Common name of fungal leaf spot. Black spot attacks the foliage of plants such as roses. There is usually a yellow halo around the dark spot. Entire leaves then turn yellow and ultimately die. Best controls include selection of resistant plants and Garrett Juice plus garlic tea and skim milk. Apply cornmeal to the soil or cornmeal juice to the foliage.  BioWash is my favorite commercial product.  It works great!



Periodic Table of Crop Nutrients

Learn about the 17 essential plant nutrients and their roles in plant health. All crops must have an adequate supply of each of these 17 nutrients to produce optimum yields. In accordance with The Law of the Minimum, if one or more nutrients are lacking in the soil, crop yields will be reduced, even though an adequate amount of other elements is available. Crop yields may be limited by the element that is in shortest supply, so it helps to understand the key nutrients that are needed to make your crop thrive.

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Paddy Trials Plot at Simparuk, Sambas District, Indonesia

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Tim Britt Farm, Kentucky

Tim Britt said his peached were unbelievable. Best he has ever grown due to Biowash






News Updates from


Gary ScottUsing the Bio Degradable “Bio Wash” to gain added value we have been able to double our production and quadruple the profits in our orange grove. In the multi dimension segment of the seminar we review how to spot “live on agri and B&B opportunity” in small towns and Ecuador.  We’ll also look at Bio Wash, that we have supported now for nearly 20 years.  We’ll show the environmental as well as health and business benefits it brings.














News Updates on Blueberry Production in Al S Farm,  Northen Florida - May 22 2014

BioWash Documentation for Blueberry production N. Florida Al S. Farm 05-22-14.  Al bought the Blueberry farm 2yrs. years ago (12 Acres) and the 35 yr. old rabbit eye blueberries were overgrown. The first year I spent time pulling trees and bushes and had very little production that year.

 Q. Al when did you first hear about BioWash fertilizer booster?

Ans. January 2014 saw a full page ad in Growing Magazine and was very impressed with the reports I was reading about so I called Gary and ordered product.

 Q. Were you looking for freeze protection & Cation Exchange BioWash has to offer?

Ans. Yes the weather stayed safe enough but I still applied BioWash for protection and healthier bushes. I received the BioWash on the 11th of January and started appling with a sprayer.

 Q. What kind of condition were the blueberry bushes in before you started using BioWash?

A. Rabbit eye was not in a vigorous state at all after so many years of being neglected. But then after applying Soil Amendment and BioWash 100 the bushes went into a vigorous growth state and still continues today, 05-22-14. This was very exciting to see firsthand.

 Q. What happened when you applied a banded application using of Soil Amendment to the rabbit eye bushes?

Ans. our soil is hard and clay type and within a month in a half (45 days)  I noticed that the soil was becoming very active and water was peculating through the soil. I was amazed! Last year the water stood there for the whole season and I thought the blueberry bushes would die. Fertilizer usage applied was down 50% I only banded 250 lbs. an acre instead 500 lbs. per acre. Application of Soil Amendment  was 8oz. per 50 gallons of water per acre mixed with 10lbs. 20-20-20 side dress. Yes my soil draining improved immensely like 100% improvement after applying BioWash/Soil Amendment.                        That made me a believer!

 Q. What does the rabbit eye look like compared to previous year?

Ans. Heavy & vigorous new growth, leafage and berry size is going to be very promising.

 Q. What improvement have you seen with the High Bush blueberries?

Ans. Heavy & vigorous new growth, leafage and we have blueberries the size of a quarter. I pruned them way to late last year and I have not applied any (no) fungicide at all and have not seen any leaf disease or stem blight this year. My wife’s coworkers said they were the best sweetest tasting berries I ever produced on his farm. Applications rates for BioWash 100 sprays were: 1st. spray  (1oz.) to 4 gallons of water right after peddle fall, 2nd apply 3 weeks later (1oz.) to 4 gallons of water 3rd. apply 2 weeks later (1oz.) 4 gallons. Al did not use any dormax for earlier production of blueberries.

 Q. What was the difference in overall health of all the 12 acres of Blueberry bushes?

Ans. “Unbelievable” you don’t see that kind of vigorous growth on old bushes. The foliage new growth is tremendous. My blueberry bushes look amazing.

 Q. Al All and all how do you personally rate BioWash with your years of farming experience?

Ans. The easiest material and Non-Toxic solution I ever put on for the amount of return I have seen. I have an increase berry size and sweetness. Brix lever way above normal. I am very satisfied with the support Gary Reid has given me calling me and checking in periodically. Thank you.




(Documentation Taken by Gary Reid and Berry grower Owner Al. S. Northern Florida. 05-22-14)


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